Community Supported Agriculture and Sustainable Farming in Wayne, Maine

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Emery Farm Provides the Finest in Local Produce

hpvidTrent Emery is a first generation farmer, working the land in his hometown.

He and his team have built a reputation for delivering a wide variety of quality, fresh produce through a number of channels, including CSA memberships, farmers’ markets, restaurants, wholesale distributors and institutions.

Discover the goodness for yourself. Buy a share or catch Trent at a market near you.

Harvard Extension School Group Tours the Farm

The snow was still piled high against the greenhouses, but inside it was a steamy 85 degrees. Green seedlings. Brown dirt. For winter-weary visitors, it was a welcome relief. Trent hosted a group of students and a couple of professors from Harvard Extension School, along with a [...]
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Spring is Coming! (really, it is…) Take a step into one of Trent’s greenhouses and you feel the promise of a new season. Just try to ignore the snowbanks on the way in.